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Placholders in t('')

This one is easily overlooked but pretty important, strings in translation function can have arguments that can be replaced in 3 ways.

$text = t("This is !name's website", array('!name' => $username));
$text = t("This is @name's website", array('@name' => $username));
$text = t("This is %name's website", array('%name' => $username));

Features: View not displayed in list of components in

I wanted to make 2 features with the same view, but different setting, what was odd was once I had created one, the other didn't list in feature components list. I tried many things but in the end it appears that this is a "feature" of features, a not so nice one I might add.

Importing zip mysql dump

zcat /Users/Marko/Downloads/file.sql.gz | mysql -u 'root' -p'password' your_database

just drop this line in your linux or mac and fill data you need to fill and wait :) or this for gz files

gunzip < /Users/Marko/Downloads/mydb.sql.gz | mysql -u root -p mydb

or for ZIP files

Git logs, find where it went wrong

When I want to find something in GIT and see who and when removed some code I start to search GIT, best command combo is this.

 git log -S "$location['country_code']" -p

For current branch

Truncate all cache tables with drush or code


echo "SHOW TABLES LIKE 'cache%'" | $(drush sql-connect) | tail -n +2 | xargs -L1 -I% echo "TRUNCATE TABLE %;" | $(drush sql-connect) -v

Here's how to do this from the command line...