Find and change module weight with drush

Run this in terminal

drush php-eval "drush_print_r(db_select('system', 's') ->fields('s', array('weight')) ->condition('name', 'some_module', '=') ->execute() ->fetchField())";

and then when you get the required modules weight, change it with

Add custom caching per block

Caching per block can be quite useful, depending on how much blocks you have in page, but odds are you are going to have some in footer and header.

Stuck cron job in elysa cron

Just go and run this into devel/php

db_query("update elysia_cron set running = 0 where name = 'search_cron'");

where in this case I am unstucking cron job for search indexing.

Reset (wipe) search index

If you want to wipe out current search index, because you maybe made custom search module to quickly wipe out search tables run this into devel/php and you are starting from scratch

Running a query with devel module

If you need to check something quickly with devel module. You can use db_query and put any sql command in it. Like

$query = db_query("SELECT * FROM `block` WHERE `delta` LIKE 'main_menu' ORDER BY `theme` DESC"); foreach($query as $result) { dpm($result); }

and dpm results to see what are the values.

Quick database variable check

With devel/php you can go to some site and quickly found out value of some variable in DB that might concern you. So to do that you can go and write