GIT - checking status of master and differences

Before final git pull to LIVE site, it is a good idea to check what is going to be pulled. So to do that

Git fetch
git diff master origin/master


git diff --name-only master origin/master

This should give you more insight on what is going to be pulled in the end, as this marks differences between current master branch on LIVE site and master on github.

Custom Token and languages for titles and labels

As views and even more panels are not perfect when it comes to translations if you need to have some fixed label with translation for some view/panel. You can create custom token for it and then just translate it over translation interface. Token creation is simple, just use this guide

Panels h1 title inline with sidebar

Currently many drupal themes like fusion have h1 title use all the width of the grid so you can't have a panel where h1 tag is just part of the grid, using content area and in the same line there is sidebar.

Panels and translating Title

Panels seem all powerful, especially when used with Views. But then you come to simple problem and I can't be solved. You can't translate a title of a Panels. Seems very stupid but that is how it is.